The Team for HR in Excellence in Research Logo

To implement the European Charter for Research and the  Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Research, and preparing the application for obtaining the Logo HR Excellence in Research, Rector of Medical University of Silesia appointed  the Team for HR Execellence in Research (order no. 60/2016 dated 13th of May 2016).



The works of the Team engaged 19 participants - the representatives of the University’s academic society, including teaching/research staff, academic teachers and administrative employees. The works of the Team were also supervised by the observer - the Head of the Control and Audit Department of MUS.


Every six months the team will evaluate the process of implementation the European Charter for Reaseach and Code of Conduct the Every 6 months the Team will also maintain monitoring of the implementation on the University the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment, to evluate the progress of scheduled tasks realization.