In order to perform reliable assessment, the Team also decided to express its opinion on the consistency of the University’s functioning with the particular provisions of the Charter and the Code, by addressing an anonymous survey to all employees, including doctoral students.

The anonymous survey was made available at the following website:

The questions were formed in such a manner to allow the respondents to propose their recommended changes, including actions to be taken, in case they find inconsistencies between the University’s activities and the rules of the Charter and the Code.

The survey questions were based on each of the 40 principles specified in the European Charter for Researchers, accompanies by 4 additional open-ended questions allowing the respondents to express their opinions concerning the consistency of the principles and practices at MUS with each of the four areas of the Charter and the Code.

The survey method applied helped to obtain responses from 392 respondents, including 129 doctoral students, 47 early-stage researchers and 216 researchers.